All selected candidates are employed by one Hosting University and enrolled in one PhD program at the same University. They will receive a full salary following MSCA rules. Salaries will therefore vary according to local economic conditions, through applying a ‘country correction coefficient’ (in relation to the cost of living) applied by the European Commission in the calculation of the project grant. In addition to this, there are differences in salary between different countries from national tax and social security systems.

According to the above, the minimum salary that candidates will receive per country are reported below:

Annual gross salary* (€)
46.939,20 €
61.056,00 €
48.000,00 €
35.964,00 €
44.450,40 €
United Kingdom
63.055,20 €
36.576,00 €

* The gross annual salary (incl. salary, pension, taxes, national insurance contributions) per country.

These amounts should be further increased according to national laws.

These values refer to the gross salary cost for the institution taking into account the living and mobility allowance items. Doctoral candidates will pay tax and contributions to insurance and pension (as with any employee) deducted from this amount. Candidates will receive further support to cover traveling and accommodation expenses during their secondments and for any other activity (i.e. training exceeding what is provided by the network, participation to academic conferences, other costs linked to academic publishing, participation to other project activities, etc.) strictly related to their Doctoral research and this Marie Curie Network.